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Through our publications and events, the Mary Christie Institute is highly engaged with higher education leadership at all levels. Our publications are read or listened to by over 4,500 higher education administrators, policymakers, and behavioral health experts.

The MCI Presidents’ Convening series has brought together over 65 presidents and college leaders who together shape campus policy for over 1,000,000 students nationwide. In a survey following the 2022 MCI Presidents’ Convening, 70% of college presidents said they planned on making a change to a policy or program as a result of what they heard at the meeting. Your contribution helps us influence the wellbeing of a future generation of leaders.

As the head of HR and a business leader, I know all too well that students making the transition from the college experience to the workplace, is tricky at best. And so making sure that wellbeing and mental health tools and resources are available is of critical importance.  The Mary Christie Institute does a great job in providing tools, information, and ideas, so that students can thrive not only in the workplace, but in life in general.  
Lisa Kelly-Croswell, MA Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer at Boston Medical Center
There's enormous value in understanding what others in the field are doing and using information that others have collected in order to do my work better. MCI plays an important role in disseminating information that is either gathered through their own research or aggregating data others have collected that gives me ideas on how to do my work.
Zoe Ragouzeos, PhD Executive Director at Counseling and Wellness Services at New York University and Chief Clinical Officer of the Mary Christie Institute
The ability to see the edge, what's coming next and produce that through our Mary Christie Quarterly, through the podcasts that we do, through the MCFeeds each week. If I were a college president today, if I had had this resource at my fingertips when I was Bentley president, I would've felt extraordinarily lucky because MCI has the ability to communicate what we need to know on college campuses to help our students thrive, both while they're in college, but also to help them grow into the adults with the fulfilling careers and fulfilling lives that we want for all of them.  
Gloria Larson, JD Board Chair, at Mary Christie Institute and President Emeritus, Bentley University
One of the most important contributions that MCI has made and will continue to make, is around the role of data. Not just using evidence to inform programs and policies, but actually identifying gaps in knowledge and working to fill those gaps through collecting new data. Furthermore, MCI is deeply committed to reaching different stakeholders -- really making sure that data and evidence are reaching the hands of students, policymakers, clinicians, other researchers, mental health advocates. There are just so many different audiences that MCI prioritizes in its work to disseminate new knowledge.
Sarah Ketchen Lipson, PhD, EdM Assistant Professor at Department of Health Law Policy and Management, Boston University School of Public Health and Principal Investigator, The Healthy Minds Network
Finding time to think with experts, finding time to think with each other, gives us the time to focus on the lives that we're living in our learning communities, faculty, staff, and students. I don't think anything could be more important than what we're doing there.
Nicholas A. Covino, PsyD President at William James College
The thing that I appreciate the most about events with the Mary Christie Institute is how they bring together groups of like-minded, change-oriented leaders to connect and have a great exchange of energy and ideas. Uniquely, the energy is focused on improving things, and there's an openness to considering ideas, and moving things forward. For me as a counseling director, being able to be around college presidents that clearly care is special.
Will Meek, PhD Global Director of Mental Health at Minerva University
The MCFeed is one of the few [newsletters] that I read... I often end up forwarding the whole newsletter or articles within it to other members of my team.
Jimmy Doan, MEd Associate Dean at Office of Student Wellbeing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology