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Mary Christie Quarterly

News, information, and commentary on the issues facing administrators and policymakers regarding student health and higher education policy

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Data and reports on the behavioral health of teens and young adults

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Mental and Behavioral Health, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How Home Shapes Who We Are And How We Feel

What makes a house different from a ‘home’? Our renderings of ‘home’ are often represented by the affects evoked by it — one that can significantly transform the four, ordinary walls that envelop us into a place of comfort and solace or, for others, something quite different. In looking at…

MCQ. Issue 25
Sponsored | Mental and Behavioral Health, Physical Health

FRONTLINES: Interview with Jake Baggott

There is not one defined set of experiences which provides the path to leadership in higher education. Jake Baggott’s trajectory, extending from his time as a student employee in the health center at Southern Illinois University to his current position as Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Health and Wellbeing and…

MCQ. Issue 25
Substance Use, Mental and Behavioral Health

Smoke and Mirrors: What should colleges do about the proliferation of misinformation about cannabis?

Innovations in Behavioral Health Care is a peer-reviewed section of the Mary Christie Quarterly that features breakthrough research and commentary on the emotional and behavioral health of young adults. Malinda Kennedy, ScD is a Project Director for the Maryland Collaborative and Faculty Assistant for the Center on Young Adult Health…

MCQ. Issue 25
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Mental and Behavioral Health

New Healthy Minds Research Shows Worsening Trends in Mental Health Overall, BIPOC Students at Particular Risk

A new research paper published in the Journal of Affective Disorders sheds light on the worsening mental health of college students nationwide and documents inequalities in mental health issues and treatment for college students of color. Trends in college student mental health and help-seeking by race/ethnicity: Findings from the national…

MCQ. Issue 25
Mental and Behavioral Health

Are Hybrid Services the Future of Campus Counseling? 

Junior Audrey Vint transferred to the University of Northern Iowa this academic year after attending community college back home – close to two hours away from campus. Under pre-Covid circumstances, she would have had to connect to new mental health services. However, with telehealth now an option with her provider…

MCQ. Issue 25
Mary Christie Quarterly provides news, information and commentary on the policy issues that impact the health and wellness of young adults.

The McFeed is a weekly roundup of news and research on the health and wellness of college students.