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News, information, and commentary on the issues facing administrators and policymakers regarding student health and higher education policy

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Data and reports on the behavioral health of teens and young adults

November 3, 2022

Peer Programs in College Student Mental Health

Peer Programs in College Student Mental Health is an in-depth look at a growing practice at colleges and universities around the country.

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Interview with Jamie Davidson, Associate Vice President for Student Wellness at University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Jamie Davidson, Associate Vice President for Student Wellness at University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV), found his “sweet spot” when moving from majoring in business to becoming a psychologist. He wove together his interests in spirituality, youth ministry, and collaborative care when he came into thefield of college health. …

Basic Needs, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Mental and Behavioral Health

LaGuardia’s Mental Health Peer Specialist Training Program Provide Careers and Community for People with Mental Health Conditions

The pandemic got Sylvia Mahjabeen thinking about her education again. She had spent the last decade cycling through jobs, in industries like retail and fast food, and left her latest gig, packing for Amazon, when lockdown began. The longtime Queens resident from Bangladesh decided to give school another shot. Nearly…

MCQ. Issue 27

Q&A with Dr. Judi Alperin King: Supporting students without a safety net during the holidays

In 2014, Dr. Judi Alperin King, PhD, founded the Boston area’s first organization dedicated to supporting students who would otherwise need to navigate college on their own: the Wily Network. Eight years later, Dr. King and her team work with 75 students, called Wily Scholars, across ten campuses. For their…

MCQ. Issue 27
Mental and Behavioral Health, Student Success

Big Thinking at Bennington College

Laura Walker did not set out to be a college president though the decades she spent in public media may have prepared her well for the job.  The former president and CEO of New York Public Radio says her primary mission has always been in alignment with the one she…

MCQ. Issue 27
Mental and Behavioral Health

From the Quadcast: A Conversation with Dr. Eric Wood, Counseling Center Director at Texas Christian University on TCU’s Comprehensive Collaborative Care Model

MM: Dr. Wood is well-known as a change agent in the college mental health community. He is the architect of the TCU Comprehensive Collaborative Care Model, which to me, sounds like a counseling center without walls. What are some of the drivers of that very interesting approach? EW: The drivers…

MCQ. Issue 27
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