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    Physical Health

    Maintaining good physical health can improve the wellbeing and cognitive function of young adults. Having a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and physical exercise can promote healthy nutrition, daily functioning, and an improvement in performance. Common physical health issues for young adults, ages 15 to 24, include unhealthy eating, inadequate sleep, and a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

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    Young adults often sacrifice or neglect healthy practices when arriving at college, and by doing so, can compromise their immune systems and lead to decreased mental health.


    Mental and Behavioral Health, College Affordability

    Physician, Heal Thyself: The increasing levels of stress in medical school

    Like drinking from a fire hose. That’s the longstanding analogy used to describe the deluge of information aimed at medical school students studying to become doctors. Medical school has long been synonymous with anxiety and achievement, intense training, and acute pressure. Certainly, graduate work by nature involves hard work and…

    MCQ. Issue 26
    Opinion | Physical Health

    Reflections on health and wellbeing from a first-year college student

    When students first go off to college, they bring with them what they’re most interested in. For me, it was participation in many sports and a keen interest in physical health and mental wellbeing.  My name is Owen Chicos, and I’m a rising sophomore at Wake Forest University. I’d like…

    MCQ. Issue 26
    Sponsored | Mental and Behavioral Health

    FRONTLINES: Interview with Jake Baggott

    There is not one defined set of experiences which provides the path to leadership in higher education. Jake Baggott’s trajectory, extending from his time as a student employee in the health center at Southern Illinois University to his current position as Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Health and Wellbeing and…

    MCQ. Issue 25
    Sponsored | Mental and Behavioral Health

    Frontlines: Interview with Dr. James R. Jacobs

    Frontlines: Interview with James R. Jacobs, MD, PhD, Executive Director of Vaden Health Center; Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Stanford University If you are in the field of college health, you have likely heard of Dr. Jim Jacobs. The talented, easy-going physician from Stanford has been at the helm…

    MCQ. Issue 24
    Sponsored | Physical Health

    FRONTLINES: Interview with Dr. Sarah Van Orman

    What does it take to make college health the “voice of public health” for the college community?  What enables it to prepare for and respond to the health challenges of the 21st century? And how has all this been challenged and advanced by COVID-19?  These are some of the questions…

    MCQ. Issue 23
    Substance Use

    Innovations in Behavioral Health Care

    Maximizing the Effectiveness of Virtual Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA The negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking, including academic impairment, social harms, injury, and death (White & Hingson, 2013) are perennial concerns. Nearly one-third…

    MCQ. Issue 22
    Mental and Behavioral Health

    Patterns During the Pandemic: How Eating Disorders Have Affected College Students During COVID-19

    When the pandemic struck midway through the second semester of her sophomore year at college, 19-year-old Jane flew thousands of miles home to California and found herself almost entirely without the activities or responsibilities that she’d devoted herself to before. “I went home, and all of a sudden, I had…

    MCQ. Issue 22
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