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  • The Mary Christie Institute is a national thought leadership organization dedicated to improving the emotional and behavioral health of teens and young adults with a particular focus on American college students. Through convening, research, journalism and advocacy, The Mary Christie Institute has become the inter-institutional epicenter for new ideas and initiatives in college-age behavioral health.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Mary Christie Institute is to help young people thrive by examining the issues of teen and young adult health and wellbeing and bringing them to the attention of decision-makers policymakers on campuses and in communities throughout the country.

    Thrive: /THrīv/: to grow or develop well or vigorously

    Through convening, research, journalism and advocacy, the Mary Christie Institute produces regular programming on a range of issues affecting teen and young adult behavioral health, including emotional wellbeing, substance use, diversity, equity and inclusion, and college success and degree attainment.  

    Our History

    Frederick H. Chicos founded the Christie Foundation in 2003 as a philanthropic family foundation that would allow him to support organizations and institutions in health care and higher education.  The Foundation was recreated in 2015 as the Mary Christie Foundation, named after Mr. Chicos’ mother, as a thought leadership and philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of young adults.  In 2021, it was renamed the Mary Christie Institute (MCI) to better reflect the organization’s emphasis on thought leadership and promoting evidence-based practices.

    MCI is the embodiment of Mr. Chicos’ dedication to the field of student health and wellness, providing a platform for further examination of the physical, emotional and behavioral issues facing college students as well as other issues regarding access to and completion of higher education.  Mr. Chicos is the Founder of Christie Campus Health, the lead sponsor of the Mary Christie Institute.

    The Mary Christie Institute has received the advice and input of an esteemed group of experts in higher education, health care, business and advocacy who played a large role in the Mary Christie Foundation’s creation and strategic direction.


    Founding Council of Experts

    Susan Windham-Bannister, PhD, President and CEO, Biomedical Growth Strategies

    Larry Bacow, JD, MPP, PhD, President, Harvard University

    Lynne Bannister, MPH, Systems Coordinator, Supportive Housing WORKS

    Grace Fey, CFA, President, Grace Fey Advisors

    Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, President, The Hartford Foundation

    Paula Johnson, MD, MPH, President, Wellesley College

    John Sexton, PhD, JD, President Emeritus, New York University

    Derri Shtasel, MD, MPH, Practicing Psychiatrist