Adam C. Powell, Ph.D.

Adam C. Powell, Ph.D., is President of Payer+Provider Syndicate. He holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Health Care Management and Economics.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Teletherapy in 2020: New relevance for an existing technology

This autumn, colleges and universities are using a myriad of tactics to foster a healthful learning environment in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are having all students engage in remote learning, some are inviting only a subset of students to cam- pus, and some are providing students with the…

MCQ. Issue 19
Substance Use

Vaping on the Rise: How Colleges are Responding

Vaping, the use of electronic cigarettes to vaporize nicotine-laden liquid, has become widespread within American high schools, colleges, and universities. These institutions are faced with the challenge of deciding whether they should adopt vaping-friendly policies, as a means of encouraging smoking cessation and harm reduction, or if they should ban…

MCQ. Issue 18
Basic Needs, Student Success

Analysis: One Crisis with Varied Responses

As the threat of COVID-19 escalated, colleges and universities had to make quick decisions regarding how to best protect the welfare of their students, faculty, and staff. Institutions with residential learning environments had to decide both how classes should be transitioned to online teaching, and the extent to which people…

MCQ. Issue 17
Mental and Behavioral Health

Analysis: The Federal Government & Higher Education

From loco parentis to the Higher Education Mental Health Act The role of the college or university in ensuring the mental health of its students is a matter of perennial debate. The issue has become more complex in recent years, as the student population has become less tied to the…

MCQ. Issue 15
Mental and Behavioral Health, College Affordability, Student Success

Analysis: Forced Medical Leaves of Absence

Are they discriminatory? Across the nation, students are being asked by universities to take medical leaves of absence due to issues with mental health, physical health, and substance use. Such leaves of absence are often justified by their potential benefits to the student, the university, or both. While in some…

MCQ. Issue 14
Sexual Assault and Title IX

Analysis: The Evolving Balance of Justice

Title IX in the 2010s Universities have long enacted their own forms of justice under the auspices of the outside government. In the 16th Century, the University of Coimbra constructed an academic prison on its campus for the incarceration of students and faculty within its jurisdiction, in accordance with Portuguese…

MCQ. Issue 13
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

A Critical Balancing Act

What the recent MIT ruling tells us about protecting the mental health of students In 2009, a doctoral student at the MIT Sloan School of Management died by suicide shortly after his doctoral program director confronted him about an email that he had sent which was considered offensive. During the…

MCQ. Issue 11

Accessing Care While Abroad

Over the past half-decade, I have spent about two months per year living away from my home in the United States. I have taught an annual five-week course on Health Information Technology at the Indian School of Business, and then embarked upon trips to China and Europe at other points…

MCQ. Issue 10