Alyssa Goldberg

Alyssa Goldberg is a MCI and Active Minds 2022 fellow. She is a student at New York University pursuing a joint B.S. in Global Public Health and Applied Psychology with a Minor in American Sign Language and concentration in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. Alyssa is the President and Founder of NYU’s chapter of Active Minds. She writes about music and mental health for The LifelineSounds of SavingWashington Square News, and Pleaser Magazine. Her work also appears in Teen Vogue and IDONTMIND, among other publications, and can be found at her website Outside of mental health work, she enjoys live music, creative writing, and hiking.

Sexual Assault and Title IX, Mental and Behavioral Health

Students in Strict Abortion States Face Multiple Obstacles After Dobbs Decision

Fighting uncertainty with information, student advocacy prevails, even in the states where reproductive rights have been most attacked. When Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMUCC) graduate student Cheyenne Sanchez was growing up in McAllen — the largest city Hidalgo County, Texas — students were not required to take any form of…

MCQ. Issue 28
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

Op-ed: Displaying calorie counts in campus dining halls leads to unhealthy behaviors for students at risk of eating disorders

Seeing a number on a food label used to stop me in my tracks. Now, I avoid checking calorie counts at all costs – but other students aren’t always able to make this same decision.  My freshman year of college, I was struggling with an eating disorder that had silently…

MCQ. Issue 27
Basic Needs

Summer is no break for students with food insecurity

When North Carolina locals Tom and Rachel Sullivan began cooking to-go meals for a college student in their neighborhood after Covid shut down university dining halls, they didn’t expect a viral TikTok to propel their reach to 14 nearby universities. However, their extra meal for one student soon grew to…

MCQ. Issue 26
Mental and Behavioral Health

Are Hybrid Services the Future of Campus Counseling? 

Junior Audrey Vint transferred to the University of Northern Iowa this academic year after attending community college back home – close to two hours away from campus. Under pre-Covid circumstances, she would have had to connect to new mental health services. However, with telehealth now an option with her provider…

MCQ. Issue 25