Caroline Mannion

Caroline Mannion is an MCI and Active Minds 2022 fellow. She is a junior psychology major with a double minor in counseling and education studies at Ithaca College. She is passionate about improving students’ mental health, wellness, and overall wellbeing. Caroline is involved in the Active Minds executive board, Head Learning Coach, and the Wellness Leadership Committee at Ithaca. Her favorite things to do in her free time are to hang out with her friends and go to her local cat cafe.
Mental and Behavioral Health, Student Success

Application Angst: Just Thinking About Grad School Can be Stressful

As a college senior, while engrossed in my final year of school, my mind is also increasingly focused on the question, “What’s next?” My field of study, psychology, generally requires at least a master’s degree to practice. But in my experience, the process of applying to graduate school is very…

MCQ. Issue 28

ESAs and College Students

Many college students grow up with pets in their homes. When they go off to college, in addition to all the adjustments to college life, they also have to adjust to life without their constant companion. My second half of my first year and the first semester of my sophomore…

MCQ. Issue 27
Mental and Behavioral Health, Student Success

Definitions of Success

Throughout my educational journey, I have gone through a predictable cycle of achieving expectations, overworking myself, over-committing to various tasks, and burning out. I compare the feeling to running on a hamster wheel, hoping to get that drink of water, but no matter how fast and long I run, I…

MCQ. Issue 26
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

It Will Take Some Time: Student Engagement After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the world for three years now. It has disrupted the mental health of students and has changed the face of education. It has been an unprecedented period of transition that we are all still processing, and while mask mandates are lifting and things are…

MCQ. Issue 25