Nichole Bernier

Nichole Bernier writes for a range of magazines about subjects including education, politics, medicine, food, travel, and wellness. She was previously an editor with Conde Nast Traveler and Boston Magazine, and authored the novel THE UNFINISHED WORK OF ELIZABETH D. (Random House, 2012). She lives with her family west of Boston, where she keeps bees, chickens, and is a wildlife rehabilitator.

Mental and Behavioral Health

The Stress You Hand Down: How Parent’s Anxiety Impacts Their Grown Children

Phone calls with her father lately were starting to leave Paige, a college junior in Texas, feeling stressed and confused. His questions about her grades had expanded to include concern about her progress on internships and jobs, with an undercurrent of tension about finances. She was starting to worry about…

MCQ. Issue 28
Mental and Behavioral Health, College Affordability, Physical Health

Physician, Heal Thyself: The increasing levels of stress in medical school

Like drinking from a fire hose. That’s the longstanding analogy used to describe the deluge of information aimed at medical school students studying to become doctors. Medical school has long been synonymous with anxiety and achievement, intense training, and acute pressure. Certainly, graduate work by nature involves hard work and…

MCQ. Issue 26
Student Success

Finding yourself is job Number One in the new approach to career search

Last November, Northeastern University student Kira Briggs was working the phones. Though only a sophomore, she wanted to get a feel for a range of careers—talk to people about what they do, what they loved about it, and what they didn’t like so much. She spoke to friends of friends…

MCQ. Issue 26
Mental and Behavioral Health, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Student Activism in the Age of Covid

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the favored tactics used by student organizers — but also created pockets of innovation A month before COVID descended, early 2020 was already a time of acute upheaval at Brigham Young University. In February, the administration had decided to erase the edict against “homosexual behavior”…

MCQ. Issue 23
Mental and Behavioral Health

The Art of Being Well

Tami Chalom (UCLA ’19) had always enjoyed painting and used it as a way to express herself. So when she was choosing a final project for her class “Social Justice and Political Commentary,” painting was her medium of choice, and mental health was very much on her mind. The year…

MCQ. Issue 20
Mental and Behavioral Health, Physical Health

Owning your Wellness: Self Care in the age of COVID-19

Rachel Walker realizes she has it better than most college students whose 2019-2020 academic year was disrupted by COVID-19. As much as she likes Florida A&M University, she often felt a bit homesick for Atlanta. She has a close relationship with her family, so when COVID sent students packing mid-March,…

MCQ. Issue 18
Mental and Behavioral Health

Voices from the Survey

After we received the results of our parents’ survey on student mental health, we wanted to talk to parents further about their concerns and their expectations. Using videoconference software, we gathered five parents of current college students — diverse by geography, ethnicity, and gender orientation — in a virtual roundtable…

MCQ. Issue 15
Physical Health, Mental and Behavioral Health


Outdoor programming could be key to student wellness It was at the end of outdoor orientation at the University of New Hampshire—a five-day wilderness immersion of incoming first-year students—that a young woman on the program learned her younger brother had just died. He was 17, and there had been a…

MCQ. Issue 14
Mental and Behavioral Health

Taking the Lead

Student groups aren’t just waiting for change in college mental health policy—they’re driving it Last summer, when Northwestern University junior Allison Zanolli was mourning the loss of a sorority sister who’d taken her own life on graduation day, she turned to Facebook with her grief. Then she turned her sights…

MCQ. Issue 13