Tesia Shi

Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

Building Trust: Peer Support on Campus

Peer programs on college campuses have grown in frequency and popularity as anxiety and depression rates in college students continue to rise. Several peer programs exist on my own campus, and serve as an additional space for students to seek mental health support. Programs can range from advocacy and awareness…

MCQ. Issue 24
Opinion | Student Success, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Commuter Students Need to Feel Part of the Campus Community – Now More than Ever

For many universities this fall, students will be stepping onto campus for the first time after a lengthy quarantine for in-person instruction. Among them are student commuters. While most students may relish the opportunity to live on campus and socialize with peers, others choose to commute from home for financial…

MCQ. Issue 23
Mental and Behavioral Health

Grad Student Mental Health: A Balancing Act For Those in the Middle

As schools scrambled to remain in operation last fall, Tamara Allard, a Ph.D. student in developmental psychology, found herself not only balancing her own mental health on top of her research and work responsibilities, but also the mental health of over 100 students she supported as a teaching assistant. Throughout…

MCQ. Issue 22
Opinion | Sexual Assault and Title IX

The Importance of Cultural Competency within Survivor Outreach and Advocacy Resources

The #MeToo movement has had a significant impact on college sexual misconduct reports, both old and new.  Michigan State University reported more than 3x the number of complaints in 2018 that were more than two decades old. Others such as Rutgers University loosened restrictions on investigation time limits on incidents…

MCQ. Issue 21