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Student Success

Gloria Cordes Larson’s Speaks at Bentley University’s Commencement 2021

Class of 2021, Good morning! Can you believe this day has arrived? I’m thrilled to see you all again and I couldn’t be happier that we’re together here at Fenway Park. Congratulations to you all! To Chair of the Board and Interim President Paul Condrin and to the Bentley board…

Mental and Behavioral Health, Physical Health

Owning your Wellness: Self Care in the age of COVID-19

Rachel Walker realizes she has it better than most college students whose 2019-2020 academic year was disrupted by COVID-19. As much as she likes Florida A&M University, she often felt a bit homesick for Atlanta. She has a close relationship with her family, so when COVID sent students packing mid-March,…

MCQ. Issue 18
Mental and Behavioral Health

The Jed Foundation to Launch Program for High Schools

For the last 20 years, the Jed Foundation (JED) has helped hundreds of colleges and universities strengthen their approaches to protecting their students’ emotional and behavioral health. They will soon offer similar support for high schools in a move that reflects both the importance and the need to address emotional…

MCQ. Issue 17
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

Help Them Cope

Student resiliency programs can be a valuable addition to college counseling services It is well documented that mental health issues have reached crisis proportions in young people and on college campuses around the country. The 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Leading Causes of Death Report tells us…

MCQ. Issue 13
Mental and Behavioral Health, Basic Needs, College Affordability

Technology Solutions in College Behavioral Health

As colleges and universities struggle with the increasing demand for counseling services, students and administrators alike are looking to technological solutions to address the crisis. Ohio State University launched a counseling mobile app that allows students to make an appointment, access breathing exercises, and contact the clinic in case of…

MCQ. Issue 10
Mary Christie Quarterly provides news, information and commentary on the policy issues that impact the health and wellness of young adults.

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