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Mental and Behavioral Health

Personal and Professional:  The influence of student newspapers on college mental health

The Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan’s student newspaper, was the first to break the story. Computer science professor Walter Lasecki had faced four allegations of sexual misconduct. Not only was the university aware of the allegations, but its investigation determined his behavior did not violate the school’s harassment policy.…

MCQ. Issue 26
Mental and Behavioral Health

Caring like Carson Domey

After a long day of classes and extracurriculars at St. John’s all-boys high school, 17-year-old Carson Domey greets me on camera in a dark suited, navy blazer and tie. “So sorry, I’m in a car,” he says, waiting to pick up his mother from the airport parking lot on a…

MCQ. Issue 24
Mental and Behavioral Health, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Student Activism in the Age of Covid

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the favored tactics used by student organizers — but also created pockets of innovation A month before COVID descended, early 2020 was already a time of acute upheaval at Brigham Young University. In February, the administration had decided to erase the edict against “homosexual behavior”…

MCQ. Issue 23
Opinion | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Mental and Behavioral Health

Activism and Self-Reflection: One Student’s Journey

It was August 2020, and we were five months into quarantine, which meant five months away from campus, and five months of the absent hustle of student organizing. Like many others, quarantine had brought me two main things: stillness and time to reflect. During the months prior, I had many…

MCQ. Issue 23
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