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New Fellows Program is Pathway to Student Perspective

Students experience campus issues in a unique and personal way, and learning more about their concerns, challenges, and how they interact with campus practices and policies can help decision-makers address these issues more effectively.  In early 2021, the Mary Christie Institute, together with Active Minds, launched the Fellows Program, a…

MCQ. Issue 21
Opinion | Sexual Assault and Title IX

The Importance of Cultural Competency within Survivor Outreach and Advocacy Resources

The #MeToo movement has had a significant impact on college sexual misconduct reports, both old and new.  Michigan State University reported more than 3x the number of complaints in 2018 that were more than two decades old. Others such as Rutgers University loosened restrictions on investigation time limits on incidents…

MCQ. Issue 21
Mental and Behavioral Health, Student Success

Virtual Reality: How students are coping with the difficulties of remote learning

The previous year has put a strain on college students across the country, as they juggle new responsibilities and an entirely new learning environment. These experiences have produced historic deteriorations in their mental wellbeing.  During the past year, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where I am enrolled, has used a hybrid…

MCQ. Issue 21
Opinion | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Student Success

I Belong

Approximately nine million students and alumni are members of fraternities and sororities in North America. Roughly 750,000 of those members currently belong to an undergraduate fraternity or sorority chapter, yet there is much debate on whether Greek life should remain a part of the college tradition. As a current member…

MCQ. Issue 17
Mental and Behavioral Health, Student Success

Q&A: Mackenzie Mertikas, Student Association President, Syracuse University

In the wake of nationwide college closures due to the coronavirus crisis, many students, suddenly at home with their parents and siblings, are struggling to adjust to their new normal. Somewhere in between the adults they are soon expected to become and the children they once were, students at home…

MCQ. Issue 17
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

The Problem with Perfection

How student empowerment can change the “mask” culture on campus Today’s college students are hiding in plain sight. At one East Coast institution, students reference the “Penn Face,” describing the mask they wear to conceal any perceived imperfection. At another institution, the term “Columbia Face” is similarly used. At a…

MCQ. Issue 12
Physical Health, Sexual Assault and Title IX

Young Voices: Exploring UVM from WE Program and beyond

University of Vermont student Kyle Bodge on finding his niche on campus, starting in the Wellness Environment Before I decided to go to the University of Vermont, I hadn’t heard of the Wellness Environment. Choosing to live there was one of the many experiences my freshman year that allowed me…

MCQ. Issue 8
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ensuring Student Wellness Overseas

For students on international campuses, taking care of mental health presents unique challenges We live in a time of accessibility, opportunity, and interconnectedness. Our generation of students has more of an opportunity to take full advantage of the global education market that many universities have decided to join. Yet a…

MCQ. Issue 3
Opinion | Mental and Behavioral Health

Young Voices: We Need Help Asking for Help

Taking the first step toward treatment can be a challenge in and of itself. Asking for help never crossed my mind. My internal voice reasoned I couldn’t be suffering from a mental illness; I was doing well in my classes, and I wasn’t falling into the typical college freshman peer…

MCQ. Issue 1
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