Presidents’ Convening on College Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

March 14-15, 2022
Washington, DC

Event Presentations

Session 1 – Understanding the profile of our students

Part 1: Trends in Youth Mental Health in the 21st Century by Emma Adam, PhD, Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Human Development and Social Policy at Northwestern University

Part 2: Sofia B. Pertuz, PhD, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professional and senior advisor to the Jed Foundation

Session 3 – Promoting campus cultures for mental health and wellbeing

Part 1: Reimagining the Purposes and Practices of Higher Education by David Germano, PhD, Executive Director of the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia and the founding Executive Director of the Student Flourishing Academic Network

Speaker Resources

Balance of Power, Bloomberg TV, June 2021 (Segment – 25:14 – 33:00)

Bates’ Center for Purposeful Work

Building trust through transparency: Why we are sharing our Purpose Report (and hope others will, too) – PwC Chair & Senior Partner, Tim Ryan, LinkedIn, October 2021

Coalition for Life Transformative Education website

Equity in Mental Health Framework and Toolkit by The Steve Fund & Jed Foundation (JED)

Forging Pathways to Purposeful Work: The Role of Higher Education (2019 Gallup survey) (Forward and Summary of findings)

Kind Hearts & Curious Minds, Penn State Magazine

Live anywhere and virtual role options offer choice and flexibility in the war for talent, PwC Chief People Officer, Mike Fenlon, LinkedIn, October 2021

Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research – (Emma Adam’s Current Research and Selected Publications)

Peer Counseling In College Mental Health, Born This Way Foundation and the Mary Christie Institute

Prioritizing employees’ mental health and well-being during COVID-19, PwC Chief People Officer Mike Fenlon, LinkedIn, May 2020

Proud and Thriving Report and Framework: Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ High School, College, and University Students

PwC’s chairman wants to tackle systemic racism — and push corporate America not to ‘pass the buck’– Marketwatch, November 2021

Resources for Diverse Identities by the Jed Foundation (JED)

Speaking with the enemy 101, Dr. Paula A. Johnson, Boston Globe

Stanford 2025 Uncharted Territory: A Guide to Reimagining Higher Education — (Bates College case study)

Student Affairs Now Podcast: Proud & Thriving in College: Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ Students

Teaching mindfulness to help navigate change, Discovery magazine

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