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Sponsors of MCI’s publications – the Mary Christie Quarterly, weekly MCFeed, and Quadcast – are able to reach thousands of college and university leaders mental health practitioners, thought leaders, and experts while helping MCI to continue to grow and produce leading resources supporting the emotional and behavioral health of young adults.

Mary Christie Quarterly

The Mary Christie Quarterly is a digital magazine of news, ideas, and opinion on the issues that impact the health and wellness of young adults. It is published on the MCI website, distributed to a growing email list including higher education and health care policy leaders, and bi-annually printed and distributed to college and university presidents and chancellors. Since its launch, the Quarterly has included interviews and/or opinion pieces from over 40 college presidents, as well as a host of higher ed administrators and health care, public health, and policy experts. It also regularly features student leaders, writers and artists.

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The McFeed

The MCFeed is a weekly summary of news and information with links to news articles and research reports delineated by student affairs topics, starting with the week’s national coverage of the emotional and behavioral health of college students. It includes articles from college newspapers throughout the country and is consistently well-received by an engaged audience in higher education and young adult behavioral health.

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The Mary Christie Quadcast

The Mary Christie Quadcast, the Institute’s podcast was launched in June of 2020 and is released bi-monthly. The Quadcast features higher education leaders and experts discussing the emotional and behavioral health of college students. Marjorie Malpiede, Executive Director of the Mary Christie Institute, and Dana Humphrey, Associate Director of the Mary Christie Institute, are co-hosts for the Quadcast.


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